The 16 Must Ask Questions Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Alright girls, time to ‘fess up. How many times have you watched Dirty Dancing back in the day? To put the importance of a wedding videographer in context, if you watched Dirty Dancing 12 times (not that I did, I’m just pulling a number out of thin air), you’ll be watching your wedding video a 100 times that.

questions to ask videographer

Here’s the quick and dirty list of what you MUST ask each wedding videographer you interview. Please don’t hire the first one you meet or the one your bestie had. Maybe in the end, that’s the one you decide to go for. But do your due diligence and research the best videographers in town and show up to the meeting armed with this list of questions:

  1. What is your videographer’s style? The two typical genres are cinematic and documentary.
  2. How many weddings has the videographer done before? Don’t forget to ask to view some of the work.
  3. What is their philosophy behind capturing your love story?
  4. Have they won any awards for their work? If they have, they’ll likely be listed on the website. A videographer that takes the time to create award winning work and submit it for consideration speaks of someone who is always trying to improve their craft.
  5. What’s their plan on how to work with the photographer? Have they by chance worked with your photographer before?
  6. How many weddings do they book on one day?
  7. What types of effects do they use in the editing room? This will affect the final outcome of your video and there may be some affects that you love and would like them to use.
  8. How much light do they need in the room when shooting? This needs to be discussed for the evening mood during your reception and overall light levels in the room.
  9. What are their pricing packages and how many hours are included? Are there any restrictions on what they won’t do?
  10. Does their coverage start with getting ready or does it start with the ceremony?
  11. Have they worked at your ceremony and reception site before?
  12. What will their attire be?
  13. What is their turnaround time for a sneak preview and the final video?
  14. How do they manage the licensing issues around music?
  15. Do they use music or original audio?
  16. What formats will they be providing the final video in? You’ll want a version for the web, a high definition for yourselves and a size for emailing to your friends and family.

Now that you have your questions, time to source your list of the best wedding videographers.

Are they any questions I’ve missed for this list? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list.

Pascale oxo