30 Day Photography Project | Day 19

They say we all absorb information in different ways. Some are visual, some are hands on, others need to read it. The folks at Buddah Full feel you need to sit on it while enjoying their delicious food. It kind of makes sense. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, the way to refreshing your affirmations is through your ….. well I guess it doesn’t make that much sense. But it sure gets you talking and thinking while sitting down for a bite. And it’s memorable.

It was a beautiful day today in in North Vancouver. While walking along 1st Avenue, I stumbled across this little bistro Buddah Full.  They serve natural smoothie’s and raw food in a really cool and fun atmosphere. They had me at “I love my body”.  Sometimes a simple affirmation mixed with a little originality is just what the doctor ordered.

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