Personal Project | Mini-Documentary | Beauty & Strength

This is personal and I’m feeling quite vulnerable!

It has been said that in order to grow you must step out of your comfort zone.  Well believe me I certainly did!

As you may know, I have been working on a very personal project for the last 5 months.  My thought process went something like this back in March;

Heard about Michelle’s story,

Met Michelle,

Saw beauty,

Felt the desire to do something and so I did.

[youtube id=”xp8leUjTgpY” mode=”normal” maxw=”650″ align=”left”]

My friend Michelle has been through hell and back in the last 11months. Among her three major life tragedies in this short time, one of them is Breast Cancer, the worst kind, the rarest kind, the fatal kind…We call her the Cancer Warrior.

I am a photographer that simply felt the need to help her see how beautiful her new normal can be and how inspiring she is to many of us. Portraying that you can have both Beauty and Strength, an example that I wish more young girls could witness.

This is my gift to her and her children.



Be kind as this is my first ever mini documentary video.

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Read more about Michelle’s journey and

Special thank you to Brenda Bakker, Matt King, Patsy Moloney, Jessica Lefroy and many more…

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