Bride Tip: One item you can’t live without

I have been holding out on you!  I have a bride tip and I didn’t know if I should share it.  But as I stare at myself looking quite glowy this morning in this drab weather, I am giggly. I look refreshed with a natural tan all without even leaving my home! 

Oh well it’s the new year. I figure if it makes me feel good, it’s bound to make other goddesses feel like a million bucks too. Ok, maybe not quite Kate Moss million bucks but close enough!


Shall I go on?  This past year, I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with the amazing people at Project Skin MD.*

*If you have ever been intimidated or iffy about Skin care clinics, you have got to go check them out.  Down to earth folks with endless amounts of amazing knowledge.

A few months ago they introduced me to this new product…wait for it…a self tan lotion…I know, these things never work. They look orange and stain everywhere, right? WRONG!

The ST. TROPEZ self tan mousse is now the one product I always have with me. It’s my go to. It is so easy to use and takes no time to dry, my brides love it! Especially on their arms in the winter just to give them a little boost of healthy colour.

I use it for myself for a day to day “looking good and feeling fabulous”.  Isn’t it true that when you have a bit of a tan, you suddenly don’t feel as tired and you take that extra 10 mins in the morning to do your makeup? Hell, I even thought about exercising to put some nice tone muscle behind that nice glow of mine!

So there you have it, my little secret of my favourite product these days.

Pascale oxo

P.S I have also started using their wash off Instant Glow Face Lotion and it is the bomb!


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