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My Friend Karen

Sometimes in life you cross path with people and at the time you have no ideas that they will be part of your journey.

My friend Karen has been in my life for the last 20 years.  Sometimes at the forefront and sometimes just a presence in the background.  Our lives have changed respectively in many different ways but somehow, we always reconnect.

Karen has a beautiful energy that carries her through life.  She has a tireless curiosity that only seems to grow from experience to experience.  This brought her to movement (some would call it dance), the power of expressing yourself through movement in your most raw form.

Which is why when she asked me to help her for one of her project, I couldn’t refuse.  I wanted to make sure I was coming to the challenge honouring her vision and not my perception of her.  And so with some of her favourite pieces from her life and her passion, we disappeared in the forest and aloud her the space to just BE.

Pascale x

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Karen Melin

Love. Sometimes in the forefront, sometimes in the background as a presence to grow alongside, witnessing and fostering each other's experiences. Having you photograph this step in my journey was utter joy and filled with inspiration. I couldn't be more grateful for forest dances being captured through your lens and masterful eye. Looking forward to the next time... Thank you.

13:15 August 2, 2016


    So much love for you and your journey, honoured that I was invited to capture a day in the life of my friend.

    13:32 August 2, 2016

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