Destination Wedding | Florida Delight | Julie & Francois Part 1

When Julie called me to tell me she was getting married, I was so excited for her.  We are talking about the nicest human beings I know.  Their love story is sweet, based on respect and admiration for one and other.

They didn’t meet in the most typical way.  It was an ex girlfriend of Francois that introduced them!  So needless to say that Julie has been thanking her ever since.

And so who proposed?..Julie….”Actually I proposed…. kind of!! We had already decided to take our parents on a Caribbean cruise for their 80th birthdays…so of course i started thinking of how perfect to have all our parents on the ship and what a perfect timing to get married.  For weeks I mustered the courage to ask him…so while cooking supper one night I said that I wanted to run something by him…that he could take the time to think about it and that it was just a suggestion…he looked at me and straight up said “I bet you want to get married on that boat don’t you?”  So I cocked my head sideways and raised my shoulders and smiled.  He then walked towards me with open arms and said “sure…why not” and hugged me tight”.

As the plans progressed, I found myself becoming Julie’s not so silent partner on ideas, decor and image inspiration.

Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography01


Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography02


Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography03

As for her wedding dress Julie wanted something light and comfortable.  Something age appropriate…not being a Spring chicken anymore (so she says!)    Julie: “It was also important that it looked somewhat like a wedding dress…after all I had waited long enough to finally get one on.  I went to Vegas with Kim my girlfriend, walked into Saks Fifth Avenue and bingo…on the rack, there it was, under budget and it fit…well after a few more Pilates classes it would!!!”


Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography04


Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography05


Whistler Wedding Photography-Gadbois Photography06

I told you it was stunning!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this gorgeous wedding,  you won’t want to miss the rest of this gorgeous day in Florida followed by some sexy “Mess the Dress” at sunrise in the ocean!

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