Destination Wedding Photographer | The power of holding hands

I am writing this post as I am sitting on the plane returning from a beautiful, magical and memorable last few days capturing some precious memories for a wonderful couple on the other side of the continent.  Sitting in my row is this elegant older couple that I noticed immediately.  I would have to guess in their mid 70’s.  I soon discovered that they are on their way home to Kelowna coming back from a cruise.  As I try to recreate their love story in my mind, I notice that the gentlemen as not once let go of his wife’s hand.  I learned that unlike the story I created in my mind, they have been together for only 10 short years.  Meeting through and ad that Mr. X put in the newspaper 11 years ago.  Both widowed the same year, there was something that felt right when they met.  And the rest as they say is history….

 …well except that they have travelled the world ever since.  Mr X originally from France wanted to make sure Mrs. X originally from Toronto could see all the beautiful places that the world had to offer.  Last year they decided to go camping in Australia for 5 weeks (I’m just going to write this one again, tent camping for 5 weeks in Australia).

And so as I finish typing this, they are watching the same movie (they timed themselves to start it at the same time both without headphones while holding hands.

 I am constantly amazed at the great love stories that surround us if you simply take the time to listen.

Pascale xox

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