Epic Engagement Photography | Sarah & Brent

It’s not everyday you meet your real life muse.  I didn’t even really believe in it until I met Sarah & Brent about their engagement photography needs, but more on that later.

Sarah came to me as a referral, she had seen her co-worker wedding images and felt compelled to call me.

“  Hi Pascale, my name is Sarah.  My fiancé and I want to do some engagement photography and I just saw Brook & Daryl’s wedding photos that you captured for them. They looked so romantic and magical, we would like some of that too please!”

It was an instant connection.  I truly felt, I understood the feel and atmosphere they were seeking and the artistic edge they came to me for.  My inspiration;  city/fashion meets ocean rustic grunge (yes that is how my brain thinks).

And so as I woke up on their E-Session day, looking outside at the pouring rain, my brain went into an odd calmness.  This was going to be epic.  I’m not too sure why as I usually tend to freak out internally when this is the preset to a shoot day but this was going to be different, it was going to rock!

Even my husband, my old faithful cheerleader, had lost faith in my vision. Nah, I said, you’ll see it will be the freaking best shoot ever, I can feel it.

Having never met Sarah & Brent before, we were going to have to break the ice in about 2.5 seconds, get into steamy mode and capture some magic.  So I gave them a rendez-vous in a Britannia Parking lot (I swear, swear, you need to keep reading, Britannia freaking rocks…with the right vision).   We met, they were instant sweetness, fully trusting me and excited to see what kind of adventure, I had in store for them.  This may or may not have required us to hike some rocks in high heels and for me to spot Sarah from the bottom while Brent caught her on the landing but we don’t need to expand on the details.  The bottom line is we had a gorgeous setting, I had myself a couple that needed no prompting on how to look and be steamy, I had found my muse.

Rustic romance

With just a few simple key words and some easy guidance, they were just allowing me to witness pure love, pure attraction to your spouse and in my opinion there is nothing more sexy then a man looking in full bliss as he stares at his soul mate.

Retro couple pure joy engagement photo Grafitti love classic kiss

This was “it” the real deal, the type of moment that makes everything secondary as my mission boils down to simply capture the beauty I witness, damn that was hot!

Oceanview couple photo Rustic couple photography Fashion Engagement photography Engagement photography

Oh and the pouring rain, it completely stopped the moment I raise my camera for the first shot and began again as I put it away when we were done.  Pure magic!

Artistic Heart Steamy kiss

Most likely my all time favourite E-Session image that I have ever captured.

Thank you Sarah & Brent for your instant trust, your ability to let go and for allowing me to be inspired beyond belief.  Sometimes it’s just that good.

Pascale oxo