Is Fashion Photography right for your wedding?

Who hasn’t at one time or another dreamt of looking like The Femme Fatale often seen when thumbing through those glossy fashion magazines? Recently on my blog, I’ve reviewed the meanings of traditional, photojournalistic , illustrative  and portrait photography.  Today, we’re finishing this tutorial with the glamour of all glamour: High Fashion Photography.

High Fashion photography

In the past, fashion photography has always been the type of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. In the last decade, we have started to see a trend of fashion photography being incorporated in wedding photography that has raised the bar to create some stunning work.

fashion wedding photography

What does Fashion Photography look like?

Fashion photography in a wedding setting can take on various forms.  I find that the best fashion photography in a wedding setting is usually influenced by two factors: opposites and confidence (even if you have to fake it).


If a bride has a fairly modern wedding dress I would take advantage of an old textured background (old building, brick wall, soft landscape, etc.)  The contrast is so strong between the modern looking subject and the background that is becomes very easy to incorporate a fashion look.


With the help of just a few simple key words, I can easily guide my bride to having a more stylized look, a little edgy where all you see is strong and beautiful.  All that is required is a willing bride who wants to have fun.

Why is it good?

Bringing a bit of fashion style into your wedding images will elevate your imagery right away.  It is the perfect time to “own it” meaning to be completely present and exude confidence and self-assurance.  This emotion/attitude being captured within the proper setting and background automatically translates into steamy, sexy, and mysterious photos.  And who doesn’t want a little of that once in a while?

But I’m not a model

You’re in luck sweet cheeks.  Brides are usually camera shy and don’t even get me started on the boys!  The great thing is that you can have fun with it.  Since there are no rules to stand by (because let’s face it, it’s your wedding and it’s all about you), we are given this endless freedom to simply have fun and play with a bit of fashion just to spice things up.  So let’s play, give me a little hip, show me a little attitude and let the magic unfold.

Now that we know a little more about the different styles of photography it’s time for me to quiz you in tomorrow’s post.

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