Pascale’s Top 6 for 2013 | These are a few of my favourite things

I recall pre child (yes that would be single and childless) being SO EXCITED to see Oprah’s Christmas favourite things.  It was always some cool fashion cashmere or a gorgeous mystery soap, a gadget thingy or the ever so cozy monogram bathrobe.

Well fast forward a few years and I can hardly remember to buy the latest issue let alone take the time to sit down and open it up and you know what the funniest thing is, I don’t really miss it.  Either I am surrounded by the coolest girlfriends ever or my taste have changed but I am finding more and more that my favourites things are the little guilty pleasure, I treat myself to that makes me so happy.

I will start with the disclaimer that not all happiness comes from “things” and that quality of time with my friends and family is the best.  BUT, I do love my things and I won’t lie they do make me happy so spare me the lecture, we all have our little weakness and I am owning it by revealing a few of mine.


Top 6

Matcha Soy Latte:  The ultimate in finding your zen self while still treating yourself to a little sugar.  I am loving this so much that I have actually purchased my own green tea powder and make my own recipe and can enjoy this little treat every morning.  However, I have been known to stop a couple of times at the good old faithful Starbuck and my signature drink; Tall, half sweet, soy green tea latte.  If this doesn’t make you escape for a few minutes then you are a lost cause.

Mini iPad:  I will admit this is not the cheapest treat.  I am very  fortunate but I will say this, I have tried them all old, new, heavy, light, big, small and the mini iPad is by far my favourite.  It has become my bible, my daytime, my everything.  It is my ultimate guilty pleasure.

Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas:  The all time classic christmas movie that very gets old.  My daughter was given this movie when she was one and we have watched it so many times that I know all the words and all the songs.  It is the best feel good movie to watch when you have the christmas blues wether it is in July or during the Holiday Season.

Arcteryx Puffy:  For those of you that know me, you know I have been a fairly outdoorsy girl all my life and this year I finally decided, I was worth it.  I bought myself the very best jacket, I have EVER owned.  I did my research and fell in love with the Arcteryx Cerium LT Hoody Nighthawk, It is equally practical as it is sexy.  It is light but warm, can be an alone piece or a layered one and I just packed in my messenger bag with room to spare.  The best jacket ever.  I just love everything about it.

Ski Boot warmer:  Christmas came early for me this year.  After years of always having cold toes in my ski boots, someone got tired of listening to me and did something about it.  My hubby just got me boot warmers and this my friends is a game changer!  I never thought I would say this out loud but boots warmers are so cool.  Those little things are crazy, I am the person that wears 4 layers of clothes at all time on the mountain and is still always cold no matter what.  These little guys have changed everything.  I actually had to lower the setting being convinced that I would need them on the “red” setting, well they have since only needed to be on the “green” setting and it makes my whole body stay warm.  I guess it must make me a more pleasant person as well since my hubby now invites me to go skiing with him all the time.  If I knew what a difference it would make, I would of bought these 15 years ago, oh my, I am getting old.

Christmas Dinner:  Last but certainly not least.  My parent’s christmas dinner.  I know you are thinking what’s so special about that?  You can eat turkey anywhere…well not exactly.  Somewhere in the last decade our christmas dinner has become somewhat of a tradition without us even noticing it.  It all starts with a homemade Lobster Bisque that my father creates in the late afternoon as we are usually sitting in front of the fireplace starting the celebration with a pink champagne toast.  We follow with cold smoked turkey from Schwartz’s that needs to be pre-ordered in October.  While I am usually in charge of the endive salad with my very own (not really it’s my dad’s but I am claiming it) vinaigrette.*  There is actually an endive factory about 10 minutes away from my parents home where they sell them by the case.  With some exquisite wine, we savour, we laugh, we enjoy.  By then we usually take a little break to open a few gifts and leave the first part of the meal settle.  Leaving the various pâtés and cheese for later in the evening.  Dessert is the wild card, we are flexible on the choice but it needs to be decadent and memorable.  This year’s contestant is a Bûche de Noël from a new chocolaterie that has just opened not far from home so we shall see, I have great hopes.  I guess you now understand how our Christmas dinner can easily make it in the top 6.

*Pascale’s father Endive Vinaigrette.

  • 1 cup of Olive oil
  • 1/2 a Lemon juice, add more for tangy taste (real don’t do the fake kind)
  • 1 Tbs Dijon mustard
  • 1 egg yolk

Pour the lemon juice slowly into the olive oil, then add the mustard.  Start mixing quickly but built slowly, take your time, this should take about 5 minutes to build to a thicker consistency.  Once it has mixed nicely add the egg yolk.  


What’s your favourite guilty pleasure from 2013?