International Girl Day | A little girl Full of….

Where did the last 8 years have gone?  As we celebrated International Girl Day earlier this week, I wanted to indulge and do a little mention of my favourite girl in the whole world.

My girl just celebrated her 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It’s always a time of reflection for me.  A self assessment so to speak, a check in to try and step away from the day to day and take a look at the little being I am helping to become Full…


Full of love, while making her understand that she can’t and don’t have to love everyone and everything

Full of Self-esteem, while also keeping her humble and striving to constantly aim higher

Full of empathy, while also understanding that you don’t have to solve everything for everyone

Full of dreams, while also appreciating each little step of hard work that she accomplish along the way

Full of determination, while ensuring that she is her biggest fan and that she shows herself kindness daily

…just to name a few…

Birthday Cake girl

…And it wouldn’t be a perfect birthday without a gorgeous ski cake created by my lovely client/ friend Karlie Cirocco, whom apparently found out that Charlotte skis on Rossignol!

Birthday Cake girl

The cake and cupcakes were as delicious as they look if not more.  I love that Karlie took this on and am amazed by her talent.  To my surprise the cake was gluten free ( not a pre-requisite for us) that just happens to be one of her most popular tasting one and it was incredible.

Birthday Cake girl

A little bit of decadent sweets, a gorgeous healthy girl and a world ready for her to make her mark.

Birthday Cake girl

I couldn’t be prouder.

Pascale xo

Cake and cupcakes: Karlie

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