Is a Wedding Videographer Worth the Money?

If you pose that exact question to a wedding videographer, guess what the answer will be. It’s the same as asking a wedding planner if it’s beneficial to have one help you pull together the pieces. Of course it’s a great idea! And (almost) always worth every penny too.

I use the brackets as a disclaimer because the real answer depends a lot on you. All these vendors are absolutely right in what they are saying. But you can only know if the value is there after you consider these three things:

1. Does the style of the wedding videographer resonate with you on a profound level?
2. Can you spend the dollars on the wedding videographer without sacrificing something else that is important to you?
3. Are you ready to invest the time with them, as you would with a planner or photographer, to let them get to know you?


If you’re still reading, I’ll assume it’s because you’re seriously considering going down this road. And kudos to you for doing so. I for one, am a strong believer in capturing your day in both formats.

Wedding videos are becoming more popular by the season but the bottom line is they haven’t shed the unfortunate, tarnished bad rap of the 80’s. The little known truth though is with the right team, wedding videographers have come into their own and then some.


6 reasons why having a wedding videographer will be the one decision you’ll never regret:

1. You wedding day is surreal. It’s the result of months of planning and years of dreaming. Now it’s here and parts of it will invariably be a bit of a blur. A good videographer will capture a documentary  of it helping you re-live and more clearly, remember some of the moments. Memories can fade in time, a video does not.

2. The video becomes a great way to share your wedding day with your children and your children’s children. Who wouldn’t want to see their parents or grandparents tie the knot?

3. Capture the words of your vow exchange. A well equipped videographer will have a mic that is discreet but high quality enough to catch your words.

4. Being able to listen again to your dads toast to you or your now husbands words of love. Hearing the emotion in their voices and the words spoken from their hearts.

5. Is anyone in your family a spontaneous entertainer? Cousins, siblings or your bridal party….things have been known to have been pre-planned as a surprise for you. A video is a must have for those moments.

6. See all that you have missed. Depending on your agreement with the wedding videographer, they may not be with you the whole time while you’re getting ready or during couples photos. Instead they can be capturing your guests activities, in turn giving you the ‘fly on the wall’ view after the day is over.

Videography doesn’t replace photography in the same way photography doesn’t replace videography. They both capture the same moment in very different ways. The end result of that moment can be beautiful in both, but it’ll bring up different emotions and experiences for you.

What are your questions about wedding photography? Ask them below in the comments and we’ll answer them in an upcoming post!

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