A moment to pause as gracefully as I can

Anyone that is self employed know how hard it is to find somewhat of a balance between work and life.  This doesn’t get any more true for me in the peak Summer season as my little one is out of school and yet the busiest time of my year is timed perfectly (NOT) with her new found freedom from school.

This year, I decided to be bold and make a point to step away from the wedding photography busy schedule and visit my family for 10 days, WHAT? Yup 10 days right smack in the middle of wedding season.  How dare does one do that?  Well, you do it and then you make a point to enjoy, rejuvenate and get back to the peak of the season more refresh and eager to capture epic images for your couples.

I won’t lie, it is definitely a little easier said then done but we a few concentrated work hours every morning, I did manage to go visit my family and most of all have my daughter create the best memories of her summer while we were there.

child bubble summer

Every time I visit my parents, I get a little taste of how confortable and fortunate I am to be so close to them and my sister.  It is effortless, a treat and my anchor to keep me from getting home sick a little more than I care to admit it.

country house sunset

With playdates with the cousin, the pool, the bike rides and the evenings in front of the fireplace not to mention the excessive cheese eating and wine drinking, it never disappoint and always gets be craving for more time there.  The beauty of this last trip was to see all these things that I love, these things that makes this home away from home feel so good through my daughter’s eyes.  It reminded me of how it is so crucial to take the time to create these memories, make them happen even when you think it is completely crazy to step away in your busiest time, we must because there lies the foundation of new memories being created for me to share and remember with my little one.

child on bicycle

And if for nothing else then to see those big eyes open even wider when you make her discover an ice cream bar!!!

child ice cream store

Until next time,

Pascale oxo