What is Photojournalistic Photography (and why it might be perfect for your wedding)

As we learned a little more about traditional photography and it’s meaning yesterday, today we explore photojournalistic photography.

Photojournalistic photography

Photojournalism happens in real time. It happens around the event versus the photography being an interruption to the natural flow of the event. They are the photos that capture the laughter, the tear, the real moments and memories of the day. Most importantly, this photography is driven by you, not the photographer. Which makes sense…after all it is your day.


If you answer yes to any of these 4 points, then you’ll know you’re a candidate for photojournalistic photography.


Photojournalistic photography can show more than just how something looked. It can capture how something felt. Especially if the photographer felt it themselves.


The present is the history of the future. Capturing the events of your day as they unfold naturally will create the record for generations to come.


By putting the emphases on a photojournalistic approach during key moments such as the ceremony and cocktail party will allow the photographer time to focus on your guests for more of those candid moments.  People are incredibly interesting and emotion is a part of that. Seeing how the face changes during a laugh, or how body language reflects mood can be so moving.  A photojournalistic approach is how your photographer captures that.


Photos have the incredible ability to freeze a moment in time. From the look of your husband to-be looking at you walking down the aisle, to the ever-hilarious best man toast or your father late night dancing, photos help bring us right back in that moment even years later by simply freezing the moment in time.

With the examples above it is easy to see why a photojournalistic approach is in high demand. Planning to incorporate this style in your wedding photography can really have some great advantages.

Stay tuned for the rundown on illustrative photography tomorrow.

Do you have any questions about photojournalistic photography or anything else wedding photography related? Leave it in the comments section below and we’ll answer you in a blog post!


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