Real Wedding: Is he a hero?

Remembrance Day seems to arrive so quickly every year. I, as many, have family members that fought for our rights and freedom.   For today’s post, I wanted to honor the hero in every man. Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. And for me as a photographer, it’s one of my most privileged time to capture a moment of their essence.

Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes
Some of them are big surprises
Matters not just who they are
They come from near and some so far

Making our world a better place
To live our life in this human race
Some don’t know just what they have done
But that hero lives inside every one

Now sit and think deep down inside
What’s gone passed in your life
The littlest thing that’s helped someone
You’re their hero and now your one

Remember all our hero’s now
When at home or in your car
You can be sure one won’t be far

10 01 2009
Jim O’Donnell


Military Wedding























Photographer Unknown