Rejuvenation time

I thought about it long and hard before writing this post.

For many reasons, I needed to find the right words, the correct explanation to make it sound guilt free.  When the truth is guilt is self imposed.  The moment you realized that you are not wonder women and you are no longer getting your full beauty rest at night and most likely never will again…also arrives the quest on how to rejuvenate.

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I had thought for the longest time that since I was self employed and in an artistic field, I would surely just take it easy at times to just relax, work on personal projects and reboot.  The bottom line though is it hasn’t happened in the last 5 years, I needed to make it a priority.

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And so after talking about it for years mainly telling myself that it was never the right time or the right outlet to put some money, I finally just decided that I needed a break.  Not a big one but just a moment to disconnect from the routine, the obligations, the constant self imposed pressure of micro managing every aspect of my life.  I needed to be in a place where that required minimal decision making and zero responsibility.

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This week gave me exactly that.  Time to step away from the “busy” and make room for the still.  We forget the calmness that stillness can bring, it’s almost uncomfortable at first because it feels foreign.  A funny thing happens during stillness, you realize how quickly the importance you put on certain “things-to-do” are in fact just fillers.  We are so accustomed to always doing that “not doing” requires us to take a stand.

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So however naive this may be, I return home with more sleep under my belt, rested, excited and fired up to give it my all to what ignites my passion both with my art of photography and my gorgeous family.

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You didn’t think I would miss a chance to show a little wedding love by the beach.  I have radars for those kind of things happening wherever I am!


What rejuvenates you?  An All-inclusive by the beach, a day on the mountain, a weekend tv marathon of BreakingBad?  

Best answer gets a virtual hug filled with Vitamin D.

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