Squamish Family Photography | 4 Beautiful Boys

A fire truck, a piece of licorice, a spider, a dinosaur, a hockey net and a soccer ball. What does all of this have in common? Well, they are the prized possessions of 4 beautiful brothers. The Pearson family is truly blessed. I have to say right now, don’t go any further into this post unless you’re ready for your heart to melt.

Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Coming from my home with one quiet little girl, it’s always an entertaining treat for me to come and be with these boys. One of my favorite parts was watching how each boy was always looking up to the next older one, trying to keep up. The next boy doing the same. A chain of command of sorts. These little guys were just fascinating, full of life and so much fun. It was a great time for all!

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