Squamish Family Photography | The Boys and their Mama

To say I was a little on my toes with anticipation of this photo shoot wouldn’t be a lie. With family photography, I’m always trying to find what will make it unique, fun and memorable for all involved. I could just picture the 3 boys rolling their eyes in their head as they’re making their way to the location with their mom for this cheesy photo shoot.

Well, was I EVER surprised! It was amazing and just so much fun. Here’s how it all unfolded:

Find 3 confident boys. Yes.

Keep it real. Yes.

Pick a location that is a little remote so everyone can loosen up. Yes.

The result: Capture the brotherhood, the laughter, the looks and the unspoken words. Yes, I think so.

Then you look at Jessie, their oh so proud mama and ask her “Just how did you manage to raise these 3 sweet boys with such beautiful manners?”