Squamish Family Photography – A Saturday morning for me and my girl

It’s been busy, good busy…no make that great busy.

This weekend is my first weekend in a while of just being at home with my girl. Time seems to fly by with her lately, already 3 years old and torn between that ever so interesting place of baby and little girl. I find it to be such a difficult balance to strike between my own life and my work world, especially when both require me to pack around my camera. But with my precious little girl, so wise beyond her years gives me a gentle reminder of how to own the moment and embrace  the simplicities that every day brings us. Our eyes just need to be opened to them.

This morning we enjoyed a simple walk in the forest. Yes, with my camera. And I kept the pace of my girl, or should I say speed! Pace sounds a little slow for what it was. Seeing the world through her eyes does amazing things to your spirit and energy. And for my immeasurable love for this funny little girl who thought it was a good time to strike a yoga pose while standing on the bridge.

It was a good morning…no make that a great one.

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