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How can I contribute to this world?

How can I make a difference?

How can I help?

In this last year, my understanding of these questions has become crystal clear.

I have always look at doctors as the obvious in the ability to save lives!  I also knew that in order to help people, I would have to find a different skill as I am the first one to faint in the ER so the odds where NOT in my favour for this one.  All along taking for granted what I did for fun, what I loved doing and what made me feel whole, not understanding that a true gift only comes alive when it is “not just something you do” it is part of who you are!  The moment I started understanding that not everyone was able to pick up a camera and capture a moment , an emotion, a memory, I got it.  I have been searching how to make things better around me, how to help, how to ease someones pain and it was under my nose or should I say around my neck all along.

I was a fool, I had not seen the most important help I could provide.  Help someone tell their story, Shine light and bring attention to their message.  Help them in their journey to capture memories and leave a foot print for other to witness and cherish.  Don’t get me wrong this makes me shake most of the time in hoping to always be authentic, true and pure in my intentions.

I think in pictures…always. I listen to music and there is a film, a story line, a moving image that unfold in my head constantly and in the last year, I have started to realize that not everyone does that.

So call it a gift, a skill and an addiction, a sick personality disorder, it’s what I do and to an extent it’s who I am.

And so from a friend of a friend this wonderful lady named Michelle crossed my path a few months ago and she and I have connected in one of the most intense way I have yet experienced.  She has a story, no let me clarify this SHE HAS A HELL OF A STORY and it needs to be heard…by everyone.  She is a WOMAN, a FIGHTER, a WARRIOR, a MOTHER, a WIFE, a DAUGHTER, a SISTER, a FRIEND, a WRITER, a SURVIVOR and yes she has CANCER, she has that too.  I have never met someone with so much drive.

So I will keep a few surprises up my sleeves for what she and I have in the works but Michelle has just released her  Memoirs titled:  “THE YEAR I DIED” and I helped her create the visuals for the book cover as well as a little sexy headshot which she rock with her new short hair!  We are both so proud of the results and now it’s time for everyone to read her story, you need to do this and she has promised me there is humour in it.  Isn’t it time we all step out of our comfort zone and come together to celebrate BEAUTY & STRENGTH , it is so rarely showed in our society with women and so beautifully portrayed here.  It’s time to allow yourself to be moved and inspired.

I know I did and I am better because of it.

Click here to purchase a copy of the book.

Thank you Michelle

Pascale oxo

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