Tips for taking better holiday pictures

We all know how inevitable holidays pictures are.  If at no other time of the year you have taken family photographs this is the time to take your camera for some precious memories.

Holiday party

So in the spirit of the Holidays, I wanted to make sure I was sending you out with essential tricks and tips for this challenging task during holiday parties.

1    The 3D’s

Before attempting the holiday pictures on your own, the very first thing you want to do is visualize the triple D’s, let me explain.  You find yourself at a cocktail party, the conversation is flowing, the drinks pouring and you think to yourself; “gee this is the perfect time for me to show off my skills and just whip out my camera to take a quick one!”  Hold that thought.  Close your eyes, think of your 3D’s, it will save you from spilling, tipping over and major embarrassment all at once.  This should really be made mandatory.

a    Drink down

b    Deep breath

c     Damn lens cap off


2    Your holiday picture horizon

It has been my experience that finding something you can always count on is key for setting your image horizon.  This is usually  quite easy under normal circumstance, however at a holiday party, you may be finding yourself short on individuals that can stand still and most importantly straight at any given time, so here is the trick, find yourself a doorway or a window and set your horizon off of those, you can always count on those to be fairly straight!

3    Your artistic edge

This is a simple one and a sincere “friend-to-friend” recommendation.  You know the old saying K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid), in the particular case of social gatherings especially at holidays, I would keep any inkling of artistic “vision” to a minimal.  No shame in going straight for the automatic more with the auto focus.  This may save you a lot of guessing later on as to why all your images where photographs turned out to be nostrils and underwear as halfway through the party you had the epiphany of taking all pictures from the height of a 2 year old.

Again these are just a few easy steps on how to maximize your holiday pictures, reminding you that it is always good to sleep on it before sending anything viral…


Pascale oxo

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