Top 5 best playlists to get creative

Someone asked me the other day; “Pascale, how long does it take you to edit a wedding?  My answer; No time at all because my clients are all stunning and I shoot it perfectly right out of the camera….ok so the last part is not entirely accurate but his question was vague anyways!

The truth is I don’t know and to some level, I also don’t care.  Simply because I feel the editing is part of the process and it all needs to be organic.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still knower to have quite a fast turn around time but for every single wedding it varies.  I’ll talk more about this in a later post but what I can’t do without during my editing is music.

I am far from the music guru (that’s my sister, it’s actually quite aggravating, how much she knows) but I know what gets me in the creative zone, what gets me going to finish a deadline and what’s makes me create sexy pictures (that’s right).  The one thing I suck at is updating my playlist so imagine my delight with SONGZA.

So without further a due, here is my current top 5 best creative playlists (at the moment).

Sultry Siren


Fun & Funky Pick me up


Songs to raise your kids too


Sunshine Indie Pop


Drop-a-beat Workout


Enjoy the inspiration!

Pascale oxo


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