Top 8 Best Father Daughter Moments

Our Daddies!

The silent partner in the wedding planning extravaganza, our allies without questions, our sounding board when in need.

I simply adore my dad and remember how important is was for my wedding to make sure my special bond with him would be captured.  How could I possibly communicate to my photographer everything I felt for him so that she could truly capture “it” in an image?  She did, she only needed to take one look and saw “it”, the special bond that a daughter has with her daddy for all her life.

It is one of my favourite relationships to discover when working with my couples.  When daddy is present, he is never too far and it only takes me a moment to see the look in his eyes for his little girl.  I try to put myself in their shoes and I can’t imagine the feeling of seeing your little girl all grown up starting her life with another man.  And so in honour of all the daddies that have welcomed me in their family to capture their vulnerability, their laughter and their look of adoration for their daughters.

Here is my top 8 best father daughter moments:

















My ultimate favourite


My Daddy and I

Go tell your father how much you love them will ya!

Pascale oxo