Vancouver Street Photography | 30 Day Project | Day 10

If your eyes are open, there’s a lesson in everything. The lesson for me today came out of left field. Unexpected. Juxtaposed. Peaceful.

I spent the later half of today scouting out Vancouver Art Gallery for a wedding that I’m shooting there tomorrow. I’m seriously excited about this for two reasons. One, the venue is amazing and two, it’s currently surrounded by Occupy Vancouver; it’s tents, people and crazy signage. It’s a rather charged area and tomorrow will be interesting to say the least and I can’t wait. As I’m checking out different locations, angles and the lighting effect in the busy streets of Vancouver, I had to sit down. It’s a lot to take down there with the pulsating city life around you. So I took a little piece of the stairs for myself, sat down, breathed and refocused.

Then I heard laughter, the silly romantic kind. My eyes searched out where it was coming from and there they were. Hidden under all the street noise and people standing for their rights, this couple was having their own moment. They created a little bubble amidst it all and found their own rhythm to dance to. Under stars.

Sometimes when you sit still, a magical moment appears out of nowhere. They made me smile and they made me sit still. For a while.

Vancouver Street Photography