Vancouver Street Photography | 30 Day Project | Day 11

This evening was one I won’t soon forget. Vancouver is so full of life and the varieties of walks of life are vast compared to what a normal day brings you in the Sea to Sky corridor. My couple was incredible and there was a certain vibrational energy to the evening. It was one of stepping out, exploration, new beginnings with a little anticipation, boldness, gratitude and deep love. A bold moment was stopping all traffic on Robson (on a Canucks hockey night, no less) for a photo shoot. But more about that in another post! Back to this one ….

… while capturing them in the streets of Vancouver just following their ceremony at the Vancouver Art Gallery, we came across this sight. A violinist playing  Johan Pachelbel Canon in D Major at an intersection. Standing there with my newly wed couple, it was perfectly surreal. I so love what I do.

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I saw this fellow the other day, unfortunately the second he saw my camera he turned his back to me :( Nice shot!

01:04 November 14, 2011