Vancouver Street Photography | 30 Day Project | Day 12

Sometimes it’s that simple.

I have to say spending some time in Vancouver recently has perked my curiosity on Occupy Vancouver so I decided to check it out first hand and see what it would be like to be in the middle of it. After walking around for a bit, my eyes fell on this girl with short hair and a beautiful smile. She seemed totally comfortable in the environment and at peace with herself. I have to say, I was a little intrigued so I started following her with my camera pushed up against my eye. A few moments later, a guy dressed in a security uniform walked up to her and kissed her. They didn’t greet each other with words or gestures, just a passionate kiss and then walked away together hand in hand. Still no words.

In the middle of this civilized chaos, love doesn’t care what side you’re on it just happens.

I hope you appreciate the photography from the past 11 days that has been a part of my 30 day project. As some of you know, this is pushing my comfort zone but has also brought new energy and passion to my photographic journey. Not too long ago, you would never have found me in the middle of a protest capturing photos of the people on the streets.

But as I’ve learned, this doesn’t come without it’s blips. As I was lining up this photo a rather large rat decided to make my shoes part of his path from crossing the street. Mental note to self, mesh runners is the wrong choice of footwear if a rat is going to be walking over your feet. Eech! It took everything from deep within not to scream let alone continue standing still so I could get this shot. So, I really hope you like it. No, I really hope you love it because it still turns my stomach thinking back to that moment! Those poor people in all those tents!