Let’s just call it like it is…hard work.  I think more than ever being committed to your partner in this day and age is… let’s be honest …a less than 50% interesting concept.

Like never before, we find ourselves overwhelmed with trying to keep up; the to-do list, picking up kids from school (on time), eat kale, don’t eat wheat, be on social media (but not too much), take time for yourself (my work is my time, right?), exercise, community, sleep, walk the dog, clean the house, volunteer, heal a stupid broken toe, learn how to use the BBQ, finish the book started last summer, don’t pack nuts in the kid’s lunches, drink water, don’t medicate (too much), take vitamins and oh and …don’t forget to pamper your marriage.

So imagine the irony when a friend of mine calls me up on my anniversary offering Benadryl.  What for?

Aren’t you celebrating your seven year itch?

This got me thinking…first somewhere along the last century, there has been some kind of universal agreement that all marriages “feel” an “itch”.  That fascinates me. Regardless of culture, demographic, socioeconomic, lifestyle, values, morals and attitudes this has become a known fact!  While it’s expected that I feel this “itch” all I’m feeling is like I’m just starting to get the hang of it.  I am finally finding my place, my voice and my vision on where I see “us” as partners.  I am definitely “itching” but I am itching for more of this partnership.  I feel like I am just starting to scratch the surface of what married life can be like, how incredible this adventure and our journey together can be and will be.  Most of all, let’s keep it real, this man decided 7 years ago that out of all the women in the universe, I was the one he had to be with, the one that he couldn’t bare to be without.

Damn if I’m not going to itch for more of his love.

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Happy anniversary love.

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