Weddings at Nita Lake Lodge From the Eyes of a Photographer

Are you wondering what your photography plan should be for your wedding at Nita Lake Lodge?

Nita Lake Lodge is one of Whistler’s top wedding destinations. And for good reason too. It has everything a bride could ever want for a perfect day. An amazing spa, delectable food and over the top service. Not to mention the huge suites that will give you plenty of room for you and all your bridesmaids to get ready in. Its location and amenities are truly perfect. And if you’re anything like me, you’d want to move in and stay forever after your first day.

Nita Lake Lodge

The tricky part about picking a venue is making sure it also offers you the perfect spots for your wedding photography. After all, it’s the photos and videos that you’ll be reminiscing over for decades to come.

Today, I’m going to open my book of trade secrets and share the in’s and out’s for weddings at Nita Lake Lodge. All from a photographers perspective.

Nita Lake Lodge Wedding

Over the years, I’ve photographed dozens of weddings at Nita Lake Lodge and have covered a lot of ground, literally! When considering the perfect spots for your wedding photography, there are many factors to consider. Number of people, how much time you have, what time of the day it is, what the lighting is like, is the weather playing nicely to name a few. That’s before you even consider if the spots ‘feel’ right to you.

Read on while I open the secret doors of weddings at Nita Lake Lodge for you from a photographers perspective.


Seasons and weddings at Nita Lake Lodge

Often my brides main concerns are the “what if’s” of everything. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What if it’s too cold? What if it’s too hot? Will it rain? Will we see the mountains?

Let’s solve those questions first because the seasons of Whistler will have an impact on your day.


The back of the hotel is drenched in sunlight. It faces the lake so when the summer sun is shining, you feel the warmth of it on your skin and when you look up in the sky, you’re surrounded by white snow-capped mountains. Heaven! You’ll want to plan your photos towards a later time in the afternoon to avoid the bright overhead light that creates raccoon eyes. Yikes! If that’s not possible due to your specific schedule don’t fret. Simply use the architecture of the hotel to provide a bit of shade from the intensity of the sun and an even toned image.

Summer-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Favorite summer photography spot

The dock on the back side backing into Alta Lake is the perfect standout spot for some high fashion bride images against the contrast of the natural setting.



Imagine waking up on your wedding day and when you peer out your hotel window the fresh snow falling lightly to the ground. The branches on the trees are heavily laiden with mounds of snow and everywhere you look it’s pure white. A true winter wonderland. The best winter days are the ones with a slight overcast in the sky. Everything looks pristine and almost mysterious. You’ll want either contrast or texture to help bring warmth to your images.  Accessorize with faux-fur sorrels, or a nice pagmina or even balloons!  Remember, nothing says Whistler winter wedding like wearing your long john’s under your dress. So have fun with it because it’ll be spectacular.

Winter-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Favorite winter photography spot

Lounge for cocktails with a s’more bar in front of the giant fireplace!



The crisp cool air is arriving and the leaves are starting to change colours.  The afternoon breeze creates the perfect atmosphere for spectacular outdoor photos.  It will give you a warm glow from the intensity of the sunsets which works well if you’re looking for a vintage feel.

Fall-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Favourite fall photography spot

The walking path between Nita Lake Lodge and the park close by to capture the colours of the trees on the Valley Trail.



Everything is fresh and green.  The buds are in full swing and the water streams are running non-stop from the mountain snow melt.  It’s still a little cold to plan for a full day outside but a ceremony under the sun followed by cocktails in the lounge is the best way to enjoy the Nita Lake Lodge at that time of year.

Spring-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Favourite spring photography spot 

The train tracks hands down. The mix of spring growth and the texture of the train tracks makes for such a great contrast and adds a little punch to the background.


Indoor and outdoor photography locations for weddings at Nita Lake Lodge

Outdoor Patio

In my opinion, this is one of the most perfect (and popular) settings for a ceremony.  Gorgeous views overlooking the lake and a very bright sun all day long. The walk you make through the lounge to get to the start of the aisle on the patio makes your entrance a very anticipated moment for your guests and hubby to be.  I always make sure to be positioned facing the groom for that moment to capture the high intensity as he first lays eyes on you.

Ceremony-Patio-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

The patio can also be turned into your cocktail area. This works very well for capturing candid’s in a natural light setting with plenty of space for everyone to sit, relax and move around.

Patio-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Patio-cocktail-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


Nita Lake

One of the highlights of the hotel is to be right next to Nita Lake.  Calm and serene with that classic picture perfect landscape. It is the picture perfect setting against the mountain range.  With their newly private dock, it makes for a great location for small ceremony’s, family pictures and of course some breathtaking couple’s photographs.

Dock-Nita Lake LodgeWedding



This is for a larger wedding ceremony that is looking at making a statement.  Connecting the hotel and the Train Station, you can’t help but get goose bumps when the procedural begins and everyone is seated under this gorgeous alcove.

Porte-Cochère-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


Train Tracks

Talk about the best location for a first look.  Backing against the rocks, it is such a unique feature of Nita Lake Lodge. With the inside passage bridge above, it just doesn’t get any better then that…well when the train stops and we can quickly do a couple of photo opportunities, it does!

TrainTracks-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Train-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


Aura Restaurant  

Regardless of whether you have the excuse of your wedding or not, you should splurge and treat yourself a delicious culinary experience at Aura.  The restaurant in the evening has this blend natural light mixed with the candlelight atmosphere of the restaurant.

Aura-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Food-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Restaurant-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

One of my favourite settings is for an intimate dinner of 12 when they use the private dinning room. It truly feels like your very own restaurant.

Privite Dinner-Nita Lake LodgeWedding



The Library is the ultimate location for an intimate wedding.  If you choose to have your ceremony indoors, the library is perfect.  I feel it is the perfect setting for a vintage feel wedding.  Tucked away from the main lobby, it really puts your guests at ease, making your photography feel more candid and photojournalistic.

Library-Nita Lake LodgeWedding



This is where I would host the cocktail party.  A touch of elegance to your typical lounge.  The beautiful intimate lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere makes for a great spot to have action shots and authentic “real moments” captured with your guests.

Lounge-Nita Lake LodgeWedding

Details-Nita Lake LodgeWedding



Your formal affair.  The space is gorgeous and modern.  It is yours to decorate and make it your own so you can let your imagination go.  The setting is grand and open offering clear sight lines for your photos which is really nice from a photographers perspective to capture the special moments.

Ballroom-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


My secret photography locations for my weddings at Nita Lake Lodge

Inside Passage

You’ll find this inside passage by heading up the staircase right next to the spa.  Once at the top, you are steps away from the bridal suite and free to walk in the inside passage that crosses above the train tracks while still being indoors.  With full size windows on both sides it’s a gorgeous choice for bridal party photos and/or First Look.

Passage-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


Alpha Lake Park

To spice things up, I have had a few couples decide to take advantage of the park nearby and use it either for their ceremony or for an evening walk in between dinner and dessert.  Having that switch of scenery brings a little custom flavor and allows for some truly unique photo opportunities.

Park-Nita Lake LodgeWedding


Best-kept secrets:

 Favorite Getting Ready Location: Bridal Suite

 Favorite treat at Fix Café:  Raspberry/White Chocolate Scone

 Favorite Meeting Place: Lounge sitting on the couch near the fireplace

 Favorite Zen Activity:  Paddleboard yoga on the lake at Sunrise