West Coast Lush Forest |Tina & Chris E-Session

It was a chance meeting for Tina and Chris given they were from opposite sides of the world. Tina was from Canada and Chris was from South Africa. Yet as fate would have it as it seems to be able to do, they met at a party while both at College. They hung out for a little bit but Tina’s plan was to return home, which she did…not sure of where this might go.

Until one evening Tina got poked.  Yes poked on Facebook all the way from South Africa!  Well do I need to continue?

They planned for their intimate celebration at Chateau Fairmont Whistler for late August.  During one of our conversations, Chris described that what he loved most about the West Coast was the lush forest and the moss.  Right away I knew that if they were willing to hit a few branches and put on their rain boots, I had the perfect location for their E-Session.

I have been walking this trail for the last 5 years literally in my backyard always thinking how grandiose the scenery would look for an e-session.

Intimate, lush, scenic and romantic…perfect!

E-session photography

e-session photo shoot

e-session forest location whistler

e-session photo shoot

e-session photography - Gadbois Photography

e-session photo shoot

e-session photography gadbois photography whistler

Thank you Tina & Chris for your trust and for stepping in a few mud puddles to get the “perfect” shot!