West Vancouver Beach | Ali & Kelsie’s E-Session…and Bubba

An e-session in West vancouver can have many flavours.

When talking about ideas with Ali, I simply asked her… “What do you guys do on your days off?” Little did I know that this one question, that I’d assumed would be the first of many to ask to help us nail down the location, was the only prompt needed. She barely hesitated a second before saying “Well, we take our baby out for long walks on the beach.”  Her baby was the cute furry kind with four paws, a happy wagging tail and a dog worthy sniffer for all things interesting. Which was almost everything. Being a dog lover myself, I knew Bubba would have a very important place in the engagement photos. Well to make a long story short Bubba told centre stage as he apparently kind of always does and it was perfect.

Since this is pretty much an exact replica of their lives at this date and time it was perfect. A regular every day walk on the beach with their baby!

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Thank you Bubba for sharing your parents with me for a morning walk.

Pascale oxo