What wedding photography style is best for you?

It’s Friday night, you have a lovely glass of wine in on hand and your iPad with an open Pinterest in the other.

You look back at all your various boards and you are feeling pretty proud of yourself. So much so that you’re thinking your Pinterest page would put Martha Stewart’s to shame.  As you decide to take an extra long sip of the red liquid to dwell on your perfection a little longer, you look at your wedding photography board and can’t help but get a tad antsy about what you see….it’s all over the place!


  Photo: JamesAllen.com

Don’t you have a specific wedding photography style that you’re going for?  Shame on you!  Are you actually loving all kinds of images and can’t put your finger (or should I say pin) on it?

Fear no more, you are normal. You are an excited bride and you are my favourite kind of girl to plan your stunning wedding photos.

First let’s talk about the elephant in the room…To pin or not to pin that is the question!

Is Pinterest helping?

This is a love/hate relationship with a lot of photographers.  I know that some of my colleagues are not loving it because they say, it makes their brides want copies of what they have pinned versus inspirations from what they have seen.

With technology evolving so fast, I have had nothing but fantastic experiences regarding how my brides and I use Pinterest.  I think it’s completely normal to fall in love with certain type of images and to realize that they are displaying a multitude of photography style is normal. When being exposed to so many different influences, it is only normal to find brides being more eclectic these days.

Opposites Attrack, NOT!

This may be true in love but it is definitely not for your wedding photographer.  I believe that first and foremost if you LOVE your photographer’s work and portfolio, chances are you already have more alike than you may think.  Connecting with your photographer will ensure that you remain on the same page for ideas and inspirations for your photography.

This is your golden ticket right here!  Communicate, stay in touch, go for coffee with your photographer in the months prior to your wedding day.  These different encounters will be key to help tehm see who you are, what you like, what inspires you.  This will be the easiest and most efficient way for her to get a peek into your world and translate that information into inspiration for your photography style.  I do believe that a great photographer is first and foremost a great listener and observer, these two skills are usually  key elements to demystify a couple’s wants and desires. It goes a long way in helping them not necessarily having to find the words to describe it precisely for themselves.

So which one is the best

Style needs to be a reflection of who you are and what represents you.  It is simply an extension of your values, yours ideas and wishes.  Your wedding photography style doesn’t have to be one unique genre, it simply needs to be authentically you!

Here is a review of some inspiration for photography styles that are creating quite a buzz, here, here, here, here and that’s right here too.

What’s your biggest challenge when having to describe your photography style to your photographer?  Tell us and we’ll answer your questions.

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