So what’s next?

I have been blessed with a life that holds so many great stories that at times, I wonder if it’s truly only been one life and how am I still only in my mid thirties?

So much has happened in the last 10 years that it feels like a whirlwind.  It usually takes the winter Olympics to bring me back into a state of reflection.  Having been in high performance sports all my life, it has been the greater contributor of building my personality and my work ethic.  I come from the mentality of always giving your best and even that at times is not good enough.  You must do everything in your power to achieve your dreams, no excuses, period.

A funny thing happens after the world of High Performance Sport, National team and World Championships…normal life.

6Huatulco-Gadbois Photography

This is the pink elephant in the room (is that the expression?)  It is such a surreal experience and one that I don’t even think I have completely embraced even after a decade (wow, I’m getting old).

I’m one of the lucky few ex athlete that has found a new passion.  Lucky because I never set out to make a career as a photographer, I was simply curious, stubborn at getting better and most of all in love with capturing beauty around me to freeze moments bits by bits.

It is such a privilege to truly be in love and passionate with your career, even more so following the type of intensity we get accustom with in a life of extreme sport and international competition.

And so to all my friends that will be facing this transition and new world in a few weeks as the Olympics come to an end, if I may here are a few words that would of help me more than I wish to share 10 years ago.

Take your time but don’t procrastinate

Don’t rush into the next_______________ (adventure, job offer, buy a house)

Figure out who you are without the sentence “High Performance Athlete” label.

Remember to keep a good sense of humour, you’ll need it when you find out what minimum wage is.

Open your eye and be curious

Don’t be a snob about “normal” life, it’s a pretty sweet gig that you get to customize.

Your work ethic will be superior than most but so will your expectations

Find a passion that has nothing to do with sport

And most of all, know that it will all be alright, it may just take you a little longer then you would like to figure this shit out!

Much love and support

Pascale oxo


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