Whistler Boudoir Photographer | Dori

Boudoir shoots are an empowering experience any day of the year. I wish all women would indulge. Sure they may feel a little intimidating to start but I find beauty in each woman, every time. And Dori, who didn’t need much help in that category, was no different.

I love slipping a little Boudoir session in during the ‘getting ready’ time on the morning of a wedding. The day is already magical and surreal and full of firsts. And let’s face it, you’ve just spent hours looking hot, so why not make the most of it? This was Dori’s plan as well.

Sexy? Oh, yes. Classy? Definitely. Is Brian, her husband a lucky man? Um, I think so. Thank you so much for sharing Dori.

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Victoria - Whidbey I

omg that shot of Dori at the window is so great!!

18:29 December 9, 2011