Whistler Family Photographer | A Father & Daughter’s Bond | Part 1

Call me bias and I will completely agree.  But give me my two favourite people together playing and I melt.  I love that once in a while I remember to use my skills for my own selfish needs.  I have always believed that to find meaning in your work , you  have to be passionate about what you do.  I still believe that it couldn’t be more true for a photographer.  You have to believe that you are making a difference weather it is recognize right away or in 50 years shouldn’t really matter as long as you can feel it.

When talking about a moment, we say: “Don’t worry you’ll remember how it was, how it felt”.   I am not so sure, I think there is nothing like looking back at an image and being able to still have the feeling of the wind in your hair on a swing set or the smell of the grass or even that carefree feeling of pure joy playing with you daddy.  That is what an image should do.

So I smile when I know that if nothing else this is the gift I am able to give my daughter, her daddy and myself. Now I just have to remember to do it often!