Whistler Family Photographer | Singing in the rain | Charlotte and the Ladybug

It’s time!

Time to take a moment and resurface after a brilliant Summer.  As I am in the final editing of my late Summer weddings, it is so important for me to take moments to rejuvenate.  A few years ago rejuvenation would of meant, a day at the spa followed by a dinner at Rim Rock and a cocktail in front of the fireplace.  Don’t get me wrong these things all still happen but most likely not all at once.  These days it’s more about spoiling my little girl (she would like me to say big girl), finding this perfect umbrella and seeing the pure joy she experience by simply having her very own umbrella and going for a walk in the forest under the rain!

If you pay attention it’s really the little moments that counts!

Pascale xox


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