Whistler Family Photographer | The Little Things

I guess being with mom while she works doesn’t quite compare to making crafts or playing house. But she humored me for a bit before passing out into a deep sleep for her afternoon nap right there on the floor. I finished up my work and took a quiet moment with my daughter as she lay there so peacefully and it struck me that as much as we think and say how quickly she is growing up, that in fact she is still so little. Do they grow up faster in our minds because we constantly say they are?

Her waking hours are filled with non-stop movement, words and a little 3 year old attitude and so it’s hard sometimes to remember. But as I spend much of my time capturing little infants and counting fingers and toes it made me wonder why we don’t also do that with 3 year olds? So I took the moment because knowing her it wouldn’t be long before she is on the move again and my counting would have to quickly end.

Whistler Family Photographer