Whistler Photographer | London 2012 | A day to just be proud

I don’t often write about my life before photography but it’s hard to not think about it these days.

This time of year for us is always our busiest. It’s the time when after preparing all the wedding plans and creating each of our couple’s photography vision, this is it!  Show time!  The adrenaline is at an all time high until mid October when we resurface and return to a more normal work schedule.  I love it, I truly live for it.

What can I say this is what I know, you train, you train some more, you prepare, you visualize and then Show time!

With the Olympics being what they are, I cannot help but be riveted in front of my iPhone, iPad, television, name it I’ve got it.  This was my life for so long that I find myself cheering for every single athlete along the way because in some weird way, I actually feel like I know every single tear, sweat and ache that they have had for the last…17 years of their lives for this moment.

It’s so insane if you actually think about it, the dedication they have put themselves through for what…a mere 4 seconds, maybe 2 minutes to shine if that.  What kind of crazy person would sign up for that?

Well they are crazy all right, all of them! But it’s the good kind of crazy, the one you admirer, the one you can’t help but tear up when watching them, like you know them personally.  What else in the world makes a nation connect more than that?  I am so proud to have had my amateur athlete career as my stepping-stone into life.  It was a crazy ride alright but worth every moment.

So tonight, I take a moment to step away from my weddings that I love and I cuddle with my toddler as we watch the All around gymnastics on television.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


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