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This morning my dad sent me this photo he took from his IPhone.  It moved me on so many levels.  The obvious in the image but it was more than that.


My dad and I see the same things, we are moved by the little reality checks that life gives us here and there; we’ve always been like that.  I remember growing up, he and I separately would spot owls in the trees while driving on the highway or the dog limping cause he froze his paw and the owner is too busy noticing, talking on his phone.  It’s our weird way of keeping it real, our way of staying present, and our weird way of staying grounded.


When I was searching for what I wanted to be when I grew up; so besides throwing myself in the air off a jump with skis and hopefully landing, what else could possibly be as exciting.  I vaguely remember mentioning to my dad that maybe if I was able to save some money, I could buy a camera to take on tour with me.  My dad took my shopping the next day and I had a camera.


My Dad has a Doctorate from Harvard (He worked his butt off for it with the help of my mom who used to help him type his assignments).  For the life of me, I never understood how he was so excited and supportive of my wild career choice.  To this day, he is still the first one I show my work to (yes even before my clients and husband) that’s just the way it is.


This morning, he sent me this photo, I think, I was the first one he sent it to…I could almost see him, walking on his way to a meeting or conference, seeing this man covering his dog’s back with a bit of blanket to keep him warm while he left his loyal bud to guard his spot, stationed between, high-end men’s clothing store and a fast food joint on a freezing early morning.  I’m going to bet my dad was one of the very few to actually notice this whole scene.


When I spoke to him, all he could say was that all he had was is IPhone to take a shot and I replied, you took the time to notice him, that’s all that matters.

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