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Today I just want to write about real love.

The love that I believe very few ever get to experience and even fewer commit to experience for life.  In my world (or as my husband would say in Pascale’s world) all my couples get married and live happily ever after!  I have yet to hear otherwise from any of them in the last 8 years and I believe there is great karma that lives within that thought.

I am a lucky woman.  I am one of the very few.  I still have moments when I step away from my life and looking thinking: ”Is this for real? I have a man that is there every step of the way with me, day in day out.  Through the learning curve of raising a child, running a business and everything that real life brings our way, he’s right there making me feel like he hit the jackpot (don’t get me wrong he kind of did but I’ll admit to having some moments that are… let’s call them less glamorous!)

As I experience life with him, I am fascinated by how deep a connection can truly be and how much more connected and partners we become as the years go by.  I think there is a bit of luck involve but I also think it’s an attitude and a choice to check in or check out.  It truly is the most rewarding aspect of ones life as it gets to influence everything else in your life for the better.

Happy anniversary my love,

Pascale xox

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