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Dear Pascale, do you only shoot weddings?  Well actually no sometimes I specialized in Tibetan Monks on the Peak to Peak gondola at the top of Whistler Mountain!

I love love love that I just got to write Tibetan Monks and Peak to Peak gondola in the same sentence.  So just an other regular day at the top of Whistler enjoying the last few stunning warm days of Summer and there they are..as everyone try to be casual around them smiling nicely and almost trying to not look too much at these five gorgeous Tibetan Monk, I go straight to them, smile, welcome them to the top of Whistler mountain (because at that precise time, I am giving myself the authority to become the official welcome comity party of Whistler) and finish by telling them that they look gorgeous.  I think one of them blush a little and I learn that they are from  Lahaul.  I politely ask them if I can photograph them, they smile and say yes.

Ever wondered why their robes are the bright orange colour that is so recognizable?

Monks would scavenge cloth from rubbish heaps and cremation grounds.  Any part of the cloth that was unusable was trimmed away, and the cloth was washed. It was dyed by being boiled with vegetable matter — tubers, bark, flowers, leaves — and spices such as turmeric or saffron, which gave the cloth a yellow-orange colour. This is the origin of the term “saffron robe.” Theravada monks of southeast Asia today still wear spice-color robes, in shades of curry, cumin and paprika as well as blazing saffron orange.


Thank you for your kindness boys, thank you Whistler/Blackcomb for surprising me still with the eclectic group of visitors we are so fortunate to keep on attracting in our backward year after year.


Andre Amyot

Amazing experience Pascale. Tu es une vraie championne des relations humaines.

10:31 September 11, 2012


J'ai été très contente de partager cette expérience avec toi, et les photos sont fabuleuses, comme d'habitude!

12:31 September 11, 2012

Dianne Gadbois

Wow! What an awesome experience and terrific photos. I just finished a course on the history of pigments - the colours of the robes are fantastic.

07:40 September 13, 2012