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Yesterday was one of those days where I understood the saying; it’s easier said than done!

As some of you know by now, I am helping my friend Michelle (Cancer Warrior) own her newfound beauty.  Together we are trying to redefine what beauty is for us.  Surely it can’t all lie in long hair and boobies.  I am witnessing countless example of society standard for beauty and frankly I’m vomiting.  I must confess, I’m a bit on a mission and my prime target market is my 4 years old daughter, I have a hard time understanding how we got here?  Don’t even get me started on Victoria Secret’s new brilliant idea to create lingerie for my girl’s age group, let’s give them a big round of applause for helping girls all around the world with their self esteem!  Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, staying fit and being proud of how you look but could we also equally acknowledge the beauty of a great mind, a strong independent woman.

So here I am on this mission while of course my daughter dresses up as a princess in pink every chance she gets and would rather wear a dress any day than jeans.  I know it’s normal and I have to pick my battles and believe me she is one smart cookie.  So here I am yesterday morning on my way to the hairdresser for her seasonal haircut.  My girl has gorgeous tick wavy long hair to her mid back.  Ok true story, I get stopped at least once a week by strangers who can’t get over her gorgeous eyes, lips and her beautiful hair etc.  I smile, roll my eyes and check the ego at the door.  So as I explain to my girl that she is going to get her hair trimmed, she informs me that she would like hers cut short.  Surely she doesn’t understand that cutting is somewhat permanent, surely this will lead to tears when she realizes that her long hair will no longer be, she doesn’t realize that she will not be Rapunzel when we do our little shows.  I explain that she is probably not understanding that cutting her hair means that it will remain short for a while and that when she wakes tomorrow morning it will still be short.

She tells me: “I understand and it’s just hair Maman”!

So as my heart is divided between pride and sadness nicely shadowed with a strong feeling of being the world’s biggest hypocrite, off to the salon we went.  She never changed her mind, she didn’t even flinch when the hair was getting cut, she was standing tall and proud with the biggest smile as I held my game face on and kiss my baby goodbye!

And this morning?….She was still owning it.

Sometimes, I feel we learn the biggest lessons in the smallest everyday life.  Lesson learned C, make sure you walk the walk before you can talk the talk!  Well-done baby girl, well-done.

Pascale oxo

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