Whistler Wedding Photographer | Brew Creek Center | Michelle & Derek | Part 1

One day last winter Derek took Michelle for a walk in a beautiful snow filled park. He was all nervous and he pointed at a bench and said “Come sit down, I want to give you something”. He was shaking when he have Michelle the ring. It was a beautiful moment.

Meet Michelle & Derek.

Michelle came to me about six months ago and from our first conversation it felt good.  I could sense that she needed to have someone she could trust.  Someone that could take the lead with the creativity but still respect everyone and their privacy.  This was going to be a party yet still a very intimate moment for Michelle and Derek and their little baby girl.

Their wedding day was set under the same tone.  The rain made everyone a little nervous but in the end it just added to the romantic setting.  I think one of my favourite detail was how elegant and soft Michelle’s wedding dress looked on her.  If you feel you may have seen this gorgeous dress before you would be right.  Michelle a cast member of the television show Heartland made sure she kept it all very practical.  Read below about a fun little detail!

How did Brew Creek Centre become your number one choice of where to tie the knot? 

It just felt right.

What was your criteria when looking for your dress and how did you know once you found it?

I wore the same wedding dress that I wore as Lou when I got married in Heartland. It was beautiful and it already fit, so I thought, why not?