Whistler Wedding Photographer | Brew Creek Centre | B&W

I’ve been setting my own limits.

Living in such a rich color environment full of snow peaks, glacial green water and blooms, I have forgotten to allow myself to say no to it all.

That’s right, you heard me.

How dare would I specifically decide to take the rich colors out of  “The most beautiful place on Earth” without asking anyone?  I remember in school when we use to pick the perfect roll of black and white film before heading out on assignment being so excited about what contrast, texture and odd looking things I would find in the street that would grab my attention and shake my little artist soul.

Feeling the need to reconnect with my first love of photography, I decided to do just that.  While scouting new locations at the gorgeous full bloom and colorful Brew Creek Centre for an upcoming wedding, I went out and purposely decided to get lost with my camera, wanting to go deeper then just the pretty and capture a little bit of soul and energy at this gorgeous venue.

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