Whistler Wedding Photographer | Edgewater Lodge | Breanne, David & Jackson

How did he propose and what made you say yes?

I was in New York City and planned to return to Seattle to take a road trip with Dave to Yosemite.  Unbeknownst to me, he had planned a perfect mountain proposal.  I called him the day before I was to fly home to meet him and said, “I am having so much fun out here!  You should fly out to New York City and we’ll enjoy our first ‘city’ vacation!”  Dave is a laid back guy, so he immediately agreed, which left his planning at square one.  He flew to NYC the next day.  We strolled through Central Park near the Bow Bridge, where I requested we rent a row boat.  Little did I know, that was his plan all along.  We rowed under the bridge and he was so patient to take several pictures with me; meanwhile he snuck the ring out of his pocket and was so nervous he could barely get the words out, “Marry me!”  As I tried to get my bearings, he let me know that there was a photographer in the trees capturing the whole event.  It took several days before I could really grasp all that happened in the crazy moment under the bridge.  I’d known for several years that this was not only the man I was going to marry, but he was, as I regularly refer to him,  “the greatest man ever invented!”  There was no question in my mind that I was going to say yes, but in the flurry of emotions, I couldn’t get the words out until he said, “you haven’t said yes yet.”  To which I replied, “Of course!”

How did Whistler become your number one choice of where to tie the knot?

I grew up in Colorado and always envisioned getting married in the Colorado Rockies.  Dave grew up in Seattle and visited Whistler regularly with his family.  As is Whistler’s nature, the mountain town took a piece of Dave’s heart.  We visited Whistler for my first time in February of 2006.  I spent a week with our closest friends and Dave’s mom and dad and fell for Whistler as Dave had so many years ago.  Dave’s father passed away unexpectedly 3 years later.  We visited Whistler regularly and always felt the spirit of Dave’s father.  In fact there is a piece of him on 7th Heaven (his favorite place to ski in Whistler).  When we got engaged and started to think about where we were going to exchange our vows, we drove up to Whistler to see if it might be the place for us.  The moment we arrived we felt Dave’s dad’s presence all around us and we knew immediately that this was where we would celebrate our union.

What was the number one piece of advice given to you while planning your wedding and what would you pass on to newly engaged brides to help them in the coming months?

My number one piece of advice is to wake up the morning of your wedding and take a deep breath and smile!  This is the day you get to marry your best friend!  I am sure you will go through some tough times when planning, but this day, this day is yours!  If things don’t go as planned, who cares?! You are still marrying your best friend! 

Venue: Edgewater Lodge

Photography: Gadbois Photography

Floral: Eleni Floral

Hair: Jamie O’Neill

Photobooth: Fat Yeti

Accommodation: Pan Pacific

Rehearsal Dinner: Whistler Golf Club

Entertainment: The Hairfarmers


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