Whistler Wedding Photographer | Furry Creek | Kimberley & Justin | Part 1

When I first met Kimberley & Justin it was more then a year and a half ago.  Needless to say by the time their wedding day arrived, I think I was just as excited as they were.  It was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end as they were so organized and we really develop a great photography style that truly made them feel at ease and dare I say sexy!

We had so much fun, we just had to do two parts for this great wedding, so more images to come next week.

Read below a few of Kimberley’s story and a few words of wisdom for future brides.

How did he propose and what made you say yes?
Justin popped the question while we were on a trip travelling around Italy. We were visiting a town called Montepulciano, for a few days because I am a huge twilight fan and part of the movie had been filmed in this town. Unbeknownst to me, Justin had spoken to my mom prior to us leaving on the trip and asked her to have the ring ready for when we returned from the trip. On the first day we got there we were trying to find the waterfountain that ‘Bella” ran through to save “Edward” in the centre of the town, by their city hall. Well it was through the shops and locals that we found out the fountain had been an artistic enhancement of the director of the movie and didn’t really exist. I didn’t understand it then but Justin seemed about as bummed as I was.

The following morning, we stopped at a cafe for a cappucino. During the conversation he picked up my hand and told me that he had a question to ask me, I was to involved in talking about the plans for the day that I just quickly answered, “sure, whats up?”.  He then proceeded to say ” Well I was wondering if you would like to be my wife and if you will marry me?”. I was absolutely dumbfounded and it took me a few minutes to find my voice (as I started to tear up) and when he asked me “are you going to answer me?” I started shaking my head yes and said “Yes”!!

I said yes, because I can’t imagine my life with out him. That and I knew he was the one for me  especially when I found out why he was upset the fountain didn’t exist, because apparently thats where he had wanted to pop the question. He had it all planned out and then had to re-think it when the fountain was non-existant. Any guy that bases a proposal off a movie such as this because his girl is a fan….that’s true love!

How did Furry Creek become your number one choice of where to tie the knot?

Furry Creek became our #1 spot because of the views! Plus it had everything for ceremony and reception in one place.  It gave me the outdoor garden feel that I wanted and it had the ocean access on the beach, which was a big component for Justin being from the East Coast.


Come back next week for Part 2