Whistler Wedding Photographer | Furry Creek | Kimberley & Justin | Part 2

We left off last week with introducing to you Kimberley & Justin.  Their wedding was grand and so we just had to break it down into two post to show all these images.  Read Part 1 here.

Read below Kimberley’s wedding details and how she made sure to keep it fun the whole time.

What was your criteria when looking for your dress and how did you know once you found it?

I knew I wanted lightweight for an outdoor wedding, but I needed to have sparkle….once I found the dress, I knew it was the one because I cried and when I saw a picture that had been taken at that moment of my face, the sheer joy and happiness that radiated from me it was evident that this dress was very special for me.

Describe your design elements and the inspiration behind them?

I am very creative and wanted to save some funds so I decided to go DIY style. We purchased our linens ourselves, artificial florals for part of it.  I did mock ups at home so we could play with ideas and such which was a great way to get an idea of what it would look like before the big day. We didn’t want ‘traditional’ wedding colours, with the exception of I had to have pink. Once I found my dress, I used the ‘bling’ element to incorporate into the decor and then we added in the lime green to have that ‘pop’ effect with the pink and black.

What was the number one piece of advice given to you while planning your wedding and what would you pass on to newly engaged brides to help them in the coming months?

“Take time to enjoy the event” was the piece of advice given most to us, which we were actually able to do so that had a huge impact on how much we enjoyed our night. The piece of advice I would give to newly engaged brides is don’t be afraid to give yourself time. We had almost two years to plan our event, by taking your time and allowing that to happen, you will have the time to ensure all those little tiny details are taking care of way in advance which has a huge impact on the amount of stress you could feel on the day of. That and include your groom in the decisions, even the little ones – make him involved, its always the stereotype that its the bride’s big day, and yes it is, but it’s also his too so don’t be afraid to compromise with him on items that may be important to him. Its your day for the both of you and a great way to start that off is by planning this big moment together.

Venue: Furry Creek

Photography: Gadbois Photography