Whistler Wedding Photographer | Nita Lake Lodge | Miwah & Jonathan

What was your criteria when looking for your dress and how did you know once you found it?

Something couture that had a wow factor, I wanted something a little different and unique however wasn’t too crazy.  The moment I tried on my dress,  turned around and looked in the mirror I knew it was the one.  The gasps from my sister and best friend sealed the deal.  It was the first dress I tried on and my partner coincidentally called me from overseas to see how things were just as I had turned around to look in the mirror. Still to this day, he laughs at the words that came out of my mouth “Oh my god I just saw a snow princess!” 

Describe your design elements and the inspiration behind them.

With less than 2 months to plan two wedding celebrations, one in New Zealand and one in Whistler, we weren’t that fussed with all the little things.  We decided to go with the flow and get creative as we went.  I guess our number one design element really was to create the picturesque wedding image that we both had which was to be married at sunrise on-top of Whistler and to have dog sleds pull us away after the wedding since we both love dogs.   

What was the number one piece of advice given to you while planning your wedding and what would you pass on to newly engaged brides to help them in the coming months?

Come up with the three must haves on your wedding day individually and make sure you get them; everything else just go with the flow.  And always remember that a wedding is about coming together with your soulmate for the rest of your life.  The day is simply a celebration of that don’t get caught up in the little things and if you get told no for something think outside the box.

Best photographer ever: Gadbois Photography – Especially for all those brides planning to do destination weddings. Her advice and knowledge of the local market is amazing and she’s an awesome person to work with which makes it a truly great experience.

Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals

Wedding Rings: Varoujan Jewellers

Reception Venue: Nita Lake Lodge

Wedding Jewellery: Pearls from “Volle jewellery”

Tuxedo: Jeff Banks

Wedding wax seals and stationary:  Florentine Australia

Dog Sledding: Canadian Dog Sled Adventure (a very carefully and responsibly selected company.)