Whistler Wedding Photographer | Playing with Street Photography

I dabble. Yes, my business focuses on wedding and family photography by here’s what I love most about carrying a camera around with me. You can find beauty in everything. And while we tend to focus on life’s events and milestones, sometimes it’s in the every day that we can find a moment to capture and preserve forever.

Now, this particular day had me on the ferry going to the Island. And if I’m being really truthful, these moments aren’t necessarily those moments that I’m referring to that should be captured forever more. However, aside from that I love watching people, hence the street photography. There isn’t much of this genre in the Whistler area but it’s a rapidly growing and very hot genre in major cities around the world. So when I dabble outside the world of photographing my beautiful daughter, this is where my eye tends to go. A moment in the day of a stranger. What’s their story? What did they wake up to that morning? Where are they going? Who do they love?

Hope you enjoy my mini journey.


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