Whistler Wedding Photography | Dig deeper, aim higher

Let’s raise the bar up shall we?

I have been trying to buy in, trying to truly believe that this is what my couples want in their photography.

Details, Details, Details.

That’s what you would have to believe if you spend enough time looking at the wedding blogs these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my details.  They help each of my brides express their own story and brings their final touches to their vision. I am right there eager to photograph them to help tell their story, plus they are lots of fun.

I do think however that my job, my real purpose as a photographer, as a storyteller is to dig deeper, to aim higher. Don’t just capture the pretty; capture the real, the raw, the emotion, the connection.  To me there is nothing more rewarding (scary) to photograph than real emotions.  It’s not for everyone and you can’t get there if you haven’t earned your couple’s trust.  I would love to see more of that showcase in publications.

There is nothing sexier then a groom tearing up seeing his bride for the first time.  The trust in having me photograph a couple remembering a parent gone too soon.  The touch, the look of a grand parent or the spontaneous laughter between friends on a wedding day.

Let’s keep the “pretty” but let’s raise the bar to include more of the real.

Pascale oxo

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