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Within 5 minutes of our first conversation Aimee had decided I was going to be the 5th guest at her wedding.  It was going to be a very intimate celebration at the gorgeous Nita Lake Lodge, simply Aimee and Michael and two of Michael’s children. Regardless of the fact that this was going to be a very small intimate celebration, Aimee had decided that no corners were going to be cut on what they both cherish so for the next few months after her enquiry, I slowly started to get to know a little more about the two of them and their love story. After having  just coming back from living overseas for 12 years, Aimee decided try eHarmony for 6 months.  After a whirl wind of “interesting dates” and 2 weeks left on her subscription, and convince that this was “bogus” she received a message from Mike.

He claims that he “found” her – and after two weeks of writing emails back and forth (his voice in the emails made her smile and laugh aloud) he suggested that they meet. More concern about the way one looks while rock climbing and the view that Mike may get while spotting her, she agreed being such an addict of anything outdoor related.

They met at Great Falls – beautiful rapids, hiking and climbing – and they had an 8 hour date of climbing followed by drinks at the local Irish pub.  They talked for hours and later on said it was the most relaxed they had ever felt with someone.  Stealed the evening with a kiss and the rest as they say is history!
How did he propose and what made you say yes? 
After a full day at my parents home, Mike and I were driving home. He leaned over,  said to me, “I had a great talk with your dad…” Oh, I said, what did you all talk about? He said, “I asked for your hand in marriage” – Ha!Ha! I said – really? seriously..what did you all discuss?? “No, I am serious…”
By this time, I was in full shock! He had mentioned marriage a few months before, but I had said that I wanted him to ask formal permission from my dad… No way! he exclaimed – I have been married twice before! I am not 25 anymore and feel silly asking your dad.
Hmmm, I smiled. I do not care if you are 25 or 52 – it is important to me.  And that was the end of our conversation! And honestly, I did not think any more about it.  But when Mike brought it up in the car and then pulled me to him (very much in the same fashion as when he kissed me for the first time) – and asked, “will you marry me?” Tears welled up in my eyes and I looked at him and said, “the better question is…will you marry ME??!!” He laughed and then I said, “yes, yes, I will marry you!”
How did Whistler become your number one choice of where to tie the knot? 
Mike and I had gone on vacation to Whistler for his birthday, September 2010. We loved it so much – the people, food, scenery, that I told him one day as we were hiking around Whistler, that if we EVER got married, I wanted to come here and do it!
What was your criteria when looking for your dress and how did you know once you found it?
For my dress, I wanted something that would WOW me. I was orginally looking for a vibrant blue dress as Mike is color-disabled but he can see electric blues. Since we were planning on getting married, outside on the docks, I wanted something natural. flow-y and something that looked-like me. One of our anesthesiologists at work suggested I try this little, not-well-know boutique up in Maryland. So, I went one Saturday with my BFF, Tanya (the one who came as a surprise to Whistler) and we were trying dresses on when I put this goddess-like, flow-y, strapless (have never worn strapless ever!) dress and it took my breath away!! It was THE dress!! Tanya made a very astute observation that not only was the dress incredible – it did not take away from me – it was beautiful but understated at the same time.
Describe your design elements and the inspiration behind them. 
We were going for an all casual, all comfortable outdoor wedding. We were banking on wonderful weather (which we did have) but knew that if it were less than ideal, we were just going to have to roll with it. I made sure that the Moore’s were well fed before, during and after the wedding, as they get a bit grumpy due to low blood sugar and I wanted everyone to be all smiles for our special day!
Is there a part of your wedding that at first you didn’t think much of it but in retrospect was a very pleasant surprise?
Everyone that I spoke with before getting married would tell me tales of stressful events… the dress had a stain on it, the groom was late, the weather was not so great… and our wedding went off beautifully!! Everyone from Farfella hair salon, to the staff at Nita Lake, to our amazing photographer (yes, Pascale – you!!) made it a glorious day and wedding event!! I had to put my faith in people that I did not know, trust in the human spirit – and all in all it worked out!
Any funny stories or moments?
From Tanya’s surprise visit for the wedding, to Mike’s color-blind episode in bringing his black blazer as opposed to his blue one for the ceremony.
What struck me as funny though was Mike’s reaction to the day…”what do I do??” he kept asking me…. I then gave him the itinerary we had planned out for the photos and looked him directly in the eye and said “follow this…it will not steer you wrong!” And it did not!!!
What was the number one piece of advice given to you while planning your wedding and what would you pass on to newly engaged brides to help them in the coming months?
Breathe, just breathe…
Photography: YOU!!
Venue & Food: Nita Lake Lodge
Flowers: Senka Florist
Shoes: Brides: Cowboy boots from DSW
Jewelry for bride and bridesmaid: The Loft (Ann Taylor)
Hair and make-up: Farfella Salon(Cassandra Horsman, hair and Emily Matthews, Make-up… AMAZING!!!!)
Rings: Brides – John Hardy jewelry: Kali design; Groom: simple Titanium band – both at Fink’s Jewelers
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